About Me

Coney Island SunsetI turned to photography at a time of personal frustration and anxiety. Looking at the world through a lens helped me open my own eyes to see things with more consideration and thought. I try to create images that convey a sense of wonder in the everyday world. I hope viewers of my work consider the impermanence of our surroundings and appreciate a little more deeply a fleeting moment of light, time and space that occurred and won’t come again.

 Since beginning to show publicly in 2015 my work has received numerous recognitions, has been exhibited in eight states and is part of collections throughout the country. Beginning in 2017 I have pulled back from seeking broader exhibition opportunities and am focussing more on thematic portfolios and smaller group and solo shows when available and appropriate.

I’m often asked about what gear I use and while I’m a firm believer that the camera user is far more important than the camera choice, I also know that if you’re not comfortable with your gear it will be reflected in your work. I currently use the Fuji X-pro2 and Fuji X70 cameras and Fuji XF lenses. I occasionally am left with just my iPhone and have produced many images found on this site with that wonderful tool (including the Coney Island image on this page). I try to avoid GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) but I’m not entirely immune. One of my favorite time-killers is to repack my gear in search of the perfect grab-and-go bag for everything. If I’m ever successful at it I’ll be sure to pass it along here!

I welcome your feedback through the contact page. Thank you for visiting this site and please feel free to share it as you wish. Additional work and information can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ those pages!